24-10-2023 Aaha Kalyanam


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Kodeeswari wishes that someday her daughters would marry into a wealthy family. The famed diamond merchants, the Vedachalams, observe Saraswati Puja. Mahalaxmi, the second daughter of Kodesshwari, has been given this year’s task of decorating the entire Puja. Koddeeshwari intends to accompany her three daughters to the Vedachalam house.

On the other side, the Vedachalams are a single family. The three brothers in the family are adored by their grandparents. The Vedachalam family’s youngest child is named Vijay. He is an excellent poet. Middle son Rahul is carefree and readily drawn to everyone. Surya is Vedachalam’s eldest son and the most adored. He has assumed leadership of his family’s business as the eldest.

Aaha Kalyanam
Written bySnigdha Basu
Sangeetha Mohan
Screenplay byAnand Venkat
Directed byFrancis Kathiravan
StarringMounikaVikram ShriAkshaya KandamuthanVibish AswanthGayathri SriVj RG RAMBhavya Shri

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