06-06-2024 Muthazhagu


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Muthzhagu lives in a neighborhood with her father, stepmother, and siblings. Bhoominathan, a wealthy young man, meets Muthazhagu. Muthazhagu is genuinely liked by Bhoominathan’s mother. She wishes to assist Muthazhagu who has been through a lot in her life. Muthazhagu and Bhoominathan’s lifestyles and goals are incompatible. Despite their disagreements, the young couple marries. Now the following story takes a twist where Anjali, his ex-lover from college and comes and marries her.

Written byS.M Madhumitha
Directed byThamizhan Nagarajan
StarringAashish Chakravarthi
Vaishali Thaniga

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  1. Well that light the fireworks. Bhoomi is not taking it lightly. Thanam must say the truth the next episode. Only then we can uncover the truth about the baby. If thanam says that, then Muthazhagu knows why she took the baby in the first place. And thanam knows everything that has happened. The truth will come out but how long with this drag?

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