06-06-2024 Pandian Stores S2 


Watch 06-06-2024 Pandian Stores S2  Vijay TV Serial. Enjoy Pandian Stores S2  in HD free online. Watch Pandian Stores latest episode today updated. Watch free episode of Pandian Stores in Tamil telecast on Vijay Tv.


  1. Nice episode

  2. Vinodhini

    Last scene semma super….kathir rock

  3. Anonymous

    Mr Moorthy, payaneyum marumagaleyum thappa pesitom nu konjam kooda guilt feeling illa, again crating an issue out of it! And irritating Mailu.. aalum moonjiyum, dey Saravanan Ennada taste unakku.

  4. Frustrated Working Wife/Mom

    I don’t understand why everyone fails to see that working wife / studying wife may not be able to wake up that early in the morning and do house work. If you want money, then expecting your to do everything that’s bullshift. Even if your wife is a housewife, having too much expectation will kill your marriage for sure. Moorthy comparing the girl with other 2 DIL is unacceptable. Everyone is doing their role, so comparison saying 1 DIL is top while others average is really bad remark.

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