09-06-2024 Super Singer S10


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  1. Feeling sad

    Deserving contestants in the sidelines while comparatively not so great contestants in finals.

    Really a shame.

  2. Good choice of finalists. However it would have been perfect if they had sent Sreenithi SriPrakash as well. Biggest elephant in the room.
    Thanks to Deva sir for sending John or he wouldn’t have made it to the finals.

  3. Sumithra Sivarajah

    They could have included the other Shrinidhi to the finals as she is deserving. John Jerome seems overhyped and overrated.

  4. Prashanth

    Perfect decision by judges. Sreenidhi Ramakrishnan aced it today by her choice of song.

  5. Anonymous

    John and Jeevitha very very undeserving Shrinidhi Sriprakash, Shruthi and Daisy must have been selected

  6. Glad to see Srinithy Ramakrishnan is in the Final! She fully deserves it.

    In my opinion, Srinithy Sriprakash too should be in the final. She lost her place mainly because of untimely (biased) judgements on Vaishnavi and John Jerome!

    We Tamils love Shuruthi very much for her involvement in Tamil! Keep doing well and like to see a great Tamil Singer soon! All other contestants are in no way far behind the selected. Wishing them also great future. Love Thansira as well but I didn’t like her crave on Sivakarthikeyan!

    • Anonymous

      Shrinidhi Sriprakash should be one of the finalist. Since, Deva chose one participant, it shd not be counted. Shrinidhi always come tothe top selection but not selected. It ia really disheartening and painful.

      • Anonymous

        Unfair decision srindhi sriprakash also well deserved they selected john without any talent in him just they like him so of that srinidhi sripraksh who deserve that place didn,t get the chance

  7. Super Singer 10 is far far better than Previous flop season!
    But many things need to be improved. Annoying anchoring along with uncultured activities to be greatly minimized. It appears part and parcel of Vijai TV.

  8. Srinithi Ramakrishnan was so good; I had tears of bliss in my eyes when she was singing the song today, exemplary performance. Big salute to her! Thank you so much for signing Dr Seerkali Govidtharajanโ€™s song and you owned it.

    All of them were great singers on their own way but a few can touch our soul. I think Srinithi Ramakrishnan is one of them.
    Best wishes to all of the contestants. Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ



  11. Bad choice srinithi sriprakesh than 5th finalist ah aaganum thappa select pannitanga ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

  12. Anonymous

    100% Parsality

  13. Prakash Preeth

    Srinithi Sri Prakash is the best deserving contestant but as usual vj tvโ€™s politic manipulates the entire system. Useless

  14. Both Sri Nidhi should have selected!! John should not have been selected!

  15. Keep your grudge people. John and Jeevitha are well deserved finalist.
    That doesn’t mean Srinithi Sri Prakash is not deserving but yes they should have been allowed a sixth finalist.

  16. Super singer No 1 ๐ŸŒน

  17. Visiyakumar

    SO SAD FOR STUTHI we miss a her song

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