12-10-2023 Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum


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Abhinaya, an educated woman, upholds her traditions. When she assists a couple in getting married in a temple, she encounters Vetri, a village goon who is unaware of the significance of marital rituals. Whether they had previously given it any credit, a samiyar comes across her one day and predicts that Abhinaya will marry a rogue. Abhi was making an effort to assist a couple who had married covertly. After giving Abhi a smack where Vetri, Vetri pulls a mangala sutra (thaali) and fastens it around his neck. But he later regrets it. Abhinaya was forced introduced into the slum as a newlywed bride despite her first shock and agony, much to the dismay of her father and Vetri.

Vetri rejects Abi’s efforts to explain the concept of love to him. However, Abhinaya learns the truth about Vetri, the causes of his sudden change, and the fact that Radha, a longtime friend, is secretly in love with him. However, a number of events in Vetri and Abhinaya’s life are brought about by fate and ultimately result in their friendship. In the incident where she was hauled away, Vetri also says that he likes Abhinaya. Finally, it is banned for Vetri and Abhinaya to enter the home. Vetri’s other relatives permitted them to reside with them on the terrace next to their home, though. Will Abhinaya and Vetri be accepted as a couple and live happily.

Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum
GenreAction Drama Romance Thriller
Written bySnehasish Chakraborty
Nandhan Shridharan
R.Ramana Kumar
Story byVenkat.L
Nandhan Sridharan
M. Kasthoori (Episode 497-prese t)
Directed byAbdul Kabeez
StarringVinoth Babu
Pavithra Janani

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