29-10-2023 Meenakshi Ponnunga


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Meenakshi gives birth of three daughters Yamuna, Shakthi and Durga. Meenakshi’s husband, desperately wanted a son decided to marry Pushpa. So Meenakshi runs a mess named “Meenakshi Mess” with the help of her daughters which was a famous mess in that village. Shakthi vows to become an IAS officer to avenge her father. Meanwhile Vetri, son of Ranganayagi falls in love with Shakthi.

Written byScreenplay & Dialogues
Haran Prasanna
Directed byMuthukumaraswamy (2022)
M.Shankar (2022-present)
Soundarya Reddy
Opening theme“Raasi Nalla Raasi”

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